robert gillings the kings of brooklyn


The Kings of Brooklyn

Set at the peak of the millennial tech boom madness that still resonates in the headlines today, The Kings of Brooklyn traces the rise and fall of three friends raised on the streets and schoolyards of Brooklyn, looking for a better life, looking to become The Kings of Brooklyn. Can the bonds they forged growing up overcome the greed, lust and bloodthirsty ambition that threatens to destroy more than just their friendships?

robert gillings paddy whacked the irish mob


Paddy Whacked: The Irish Mob

Long before the Mafia Murder Inc. and the African-American gangster “Paddy” was plundering and pilfering the stars and stripes. Once called the “National Scourge” “The Shame of the Cities” and “The White Man’s Burden” the Irish rose from hellish beginnings riddled with disease vice and death. The Potato Famine or “Ireland’s Genocide” had wiped out a third of their population–America offered hope. They arrived in swarms starving and destitute with their notorious Celtic stubbornness and toughness. In a land where man had to fight for his piece of the pie and fight harder to keep it “Paddy” was almost unbeatable. From the 19th century gang wars to the 20th century wars with the Italians “Paddy” whacked their way to a mythical status. We trace the legacy of the Irish Mob deeply rooted in the diabolical power trio of “Gangster Politician and Lawman” feeding and festering off one another.

robert gillings fright fest


Fright Fest

Blood runs rampant on Halloween night when a small towns’ Fright Fest becomes real inside the walls of a long abandoned asylum.