How to Use Your Smart Phone to Kickstart Your Filming Career

If you want to get your start in the film industry, there is no need to wait a long time to save up for an expensive camera. You can get started right away by filming with your smartphone. As long as you have a script, talent and your smartphone, you can get started right away. There is no time like now to chase down your dreams of becoming a filmmaker.

Smartphones Rock

The smartphone is changing the world in a number of ways, but giving people access to high-quality cameras that shoot in HD inside a tiny package is arguably the most exciting thing about them. Armed with a single smartphone camera, you can create an entertaining film as long as you have the other elements in place.

Write a Good Script

Unless you start with a good script, your film project is likely to be a dud. Get some words on a page, and keep refining them until they are good words. When you start with a script that sings, your movie will have a much better chance of ending up a masterpiece. It doesn’t have to be a long script. In fact, you are much more likely to succeed by starting off making short films.

Short Films Are the Ticket

When you are trying to break into the film business, creating a successful short film is one of the smartest paths you can take. If you put together your own short film shot on a smartphone, you will prove to yourself and Hollywood executives that you know how to handle all aspects of a film production. Once you have a short film in hand, you have send it to film festivals to try and get it screened. Once you get your short in front of an audience at a film festival, you never know how far you will go if your film is seen by the right pair of eyes.

Make Use of the Resources You Have

You don’t need to spend much money to put together a high-quality film. Use your smartphone to create an HD movie. Use your talented friends as actors. Take advantage of your friends’ homes and businesses as locations. Shoot guerilla style at outdoor locations to avoid paying for expensive filming permits.

All it takes to make a movie these days is ambition. Get your friends in front of a smartphone with your amazing script, and your Hollywood dreams will come true before you know it. Get filming with your smartphone to kickstart your filming career.

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